Part D Enrollees Who Take Specialty Drugs Will See Out-of-Pocket Costs Rise in 2016

12-3-2015 Blog PostsPress Release

“This latest analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation paints a troubling picture for the future of the Medicare Part D program and beneficiaries who rely on access to affordable treatments.”

Health Spending in U.S. Topped $3 Trillion Last Year

12-2-2015 Press Release

“This rapid increase, which was the highest rate since 2002, was in part due to the introduction of new drug treatments for hepatitis C, as well as of those used to treat cancer and multiple sclerosis,” the administration said. The new treatments for hepatitis C, which are highly effective, accounted for $11.3 billion in new spending.

Senators Release Report on Hepatitis C Drug Pricing

12-1-2015 Blog PostsPress Release

“As we all focus on how to ensure patients get the medications they need at an affordable price, we commend Senators Wyden and Grassley for undertaking this important investigation and for raising awareness around this rapidly growing issue for both sides of the aisle.”

Daraprim Still Priced 2,500% Higher Than Original Price

11-30-2015 Press Release

“While the adjusted price of Daraprim is an improvement from its original price tag, it is clear that this critical treatment is still priced far out of reach for many Americans. This same medication can be purchased overseas for $.66 a pill — a fraction of what it costs in the U.S. — which makes us question how the pharmaceutical industry can justify their outrageous and harmful pricing strategies.”

Fact vs. Fiction: PhRMA’s 10% Talking Point Edition

11-20-2015 Press Release

PhRMA often uses “retail prescription medicines” and “prescription medicines” interchangeably in discussing the total cost of drugs to the U.S. health care system. PhRMA also makes sure to note regularly that drug spending accounts for “only 10 percent” of all healthcare spending.

PRESS STATEMENT: HHS to Explore Solutions to Unsustainable Drug Pricing

11-19-2015 Blog PostsPress Release

“With presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle actively talking about unsustainable prescription drug pricing, the issue is clearly bigger than politics — it’s about protecting American families and ensuring they can access the critical treatments they need at prices they can afford.”

Drug Prices Top Concern for Iowa Voters

11-18-2015 Press Release

“Simply put, voters are looking for relief from astronomical drug prices and favor candidates who understand this is a pocketbook issue for American families,” said John Rother, executive director of the coalition.

New Survey: Overwhelming Majority of Iowa Voters Favor Presidential Candidates Who Tackle Drug Industry Pricing

11-18-2015 Blog PostsPress Release

A new survey from the Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing with polling conducted by Morning Consult shows voters in important early primary states, like Iowa, see prescription drug pricing as a hot-button, bipartisan political issue in the 2016 presidential election.

Policy Experts, Iowa Voters Share Concern Over Soaring Rx Costs

11-5-2015 Press Release

As prescription drugs become increasingly expensive, the issue of unsustainable drug pricing is quickly becoming a central focus of the 2016 Presidential election. Last week, the Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing brought together policy experts and voters to discuss potential solutions during a panel discussion at Drake University.

What They Are Saying…

10-28-2015 Press Release

What The Candidates Are Saying… As the 2016 presidential race heats up, prominent candidates are beginning to confront and address soaring prescription drug costs and the harmful impact their price tags have on Americans. The facts have been proven time and time again. Prescription drugs are one of the major drivers of rising health care […]

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