Second Opinion: No, Big Pharma Is Not Changing

01-11-2019 Blog Posts

Right on cue, dozens of pharmaceutical companies rang in the new year by increasing hundreds of drug prices by up to 15 times the rate of inflation – despite the fact that their profits continue to far exceed spending on research and development.  In just one week: Allergan increased the price of two dozen drugs […]

Second Opinion: Big Pharma’s Back At It

12-3-2018 Blog Posts

If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.  That’s the old adage Big Pharma is sticking with this month in a last-ditch effort to make more money on the backs of patients and taxpayers. Here’s a quick backstory: Earlier this year, Congress took significant steps in the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 (BBA) to […]

It’s Time To Go To Work To Lower Prescription Drug Prices

11-12-2018 Blog Posts

Now that the midterms are over, it is now time for candidates to do what they promised voters if elected: enact real solutions that will rein in out-of-control drug prices. Across the country, skyrocketing drug prices became one of the most prominent issues on the campaign trail – and for good reason.  One-in-four Americans can’t […]

On Message: Big Pharma Executives Double Down On Monopolistic Business Strategy

11-6-2018 Blog Posts

Executives of three major drug manufacturers – Pfizer, Merck and AbbVie – are doubling down on three drivers of Big Pharma’s business strategy:   Price-Gouging: After agreeing to suspend price increases earlier this year, Pfizer CEO Ian Read told shareholders on the company’s Q3 earnings call that they’re going back to “business as normal” – i.e. […]

Voters want solutions to out-of-control drug prices

11-2-2018 Blog Posts

The American economy may be booming and paychecks may be growing, but one-in-four Americans still cannot afford the medications they need. As Big Pharma continues to raise drug prices at a pace that far exceeds the rate of inflation – patients across the country struggle to keep up, barely able to afford the medications they […]

SECOND OPINION: Don’t Be Fooled.  Drug Companies Are Responsible For High Drug Prices

10-23-2018 Blog Posts

Repeating the same false claim over and over again doesn’t make it true.  That’s the message Forbes Opinion Editor and health care expert Avik Roy is sending to Big Pharma and its backers, who continue to blame everyone in health care but themselves for out-of-control drug prices.   As Avik wrote in The Apothecary, in […]

Second Opinion: The Truth About The Big Pharma Bailout

09-25-2018 Blog Posts

In their latest attempt to make billions of dollars on the backs of patients, drug manufacturers are trying to exploit every legislative avenue available to advance a Big Pharma bailout that would ultimately raise the price of prescription drugs for seniors in the Medicare Part D coverage gap, also known as the donut hole.   […]

Stop Big Pharma’s $4 Billion Bailout

09-21-2018 Blog Posts

As the country is hoping for lower drug prices, more affordable care, and solutions to the opioid epidemic sweeping the nation, Big Pharma is making backroom deals with Congress to fund a $4 billion bailout.   Using the opioid package as its vehicle, Big Pharma is pushing to lower drug makers’ liability in the doughnut […]

SECOND OPINION: Big Pharma Continues Pointing Fingers for Excessive Drug Prices

09-12-2018 Blog Posts

Apparently, when it comes to out-of-control drug prices, everyone’s to blame but drug makers themselves, who are solely responsible for setting the list prices of the medications we need. Now, Big Pharma is pointing fingers at hospitals, accusing them of price gouging patients – despite the fact that big drug makers have increased the prices […]

Second Opinion: The Real Source of Rising Drug Prices

09-10-2018 Blog Posts

Big Pharma is always eager to play the blame game – attempting to divert attention away from tactics that price-gouge vulnerable patients. But these gratuitous attacks conveniently ignore the facts. To keep Big Pharma and its backers in check, CSRxP is starting a new blog series called “Second Opinion” to set the record straight on […]

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