Prescription Drug Pricing: Give the People What They Want

08-25-2015 Blog PostsMediaPress Release

Our effort—the Campaign for Sustainable Rx Prices—has been sounding the alarm for more than a year that pharmaceutical companies must come to the table with meaningful solutions to the challenge of rising drug costs. Otherwise, companies risk the rising tide of consumer anger resulting in solutions that are not constructive for anyone.

The Hill: FDA approves cholesterol drug with $15,000 yearly price tag

07-24-2015 Media

“Breakthrough treatments such as Praluent hold tremendous medical promise for certain patients, but its price tag makes us question how long the health system can sustain these costs for patients managing chronic conditions over several years,” John Rother, president of the National Coalition on Health Care, said in a statement.

Drug Companies Pushed From Far and Wide to Explain High Prices

07-23-2015 Media

As complaints grow about exorbitant drug prices, pharmaceutical companies are coming under pressure to disclose the development costs and profits of those medicines and the rationale for charging what they do.

Doctors Object to High Cancer-Drug Prices

07-23-2015 Media

Amid the growing clamor, cancer medication has drawn particular ire. The average price of new cancer drugs in the U.S. increased five- to tenfold over 15 years, to more than $100,000 a year in 2012, according to the Mayo Clinic journal editorial.

Cancer experts call for curbs on rising drug prices

07-23-2015 Media

In recent years, increasingly specialized medications and an aging population that takes more drugs have substantially boosted the price of treatments for cancer, hepatitis C, cystic fibrosis and other diseases.

$1,000-per-pill drug overtaken by pricier successor

07-11-2015 Media

The $1,000 pill for a liver-wasting viral infection that made headlines last year is no longer the favorite of patients and doctors. The new leading pill for hepatitis C is more expensive, and the number of patients seeking a cure has surged.

How new drugs helping millions of Americans live longer are also making them go broke

06-30-2015 Media

Around the U.S., people with serious diseases are falling through the cracks, unable to afford the medication they need. Patients with HIV, cancer, lupus, leukemia, hepatitis C and other serious conditions are paying huge out-of-pocket sums for necessary medication. These costs are putting heavy mental and financial stress on some of America’s most vulnerable people.

PwC Infographic: Costs from specialty drugs skyrocketing

06-29-2015 Media

A new PricewaterhouseCoopers report on medical cost trends highlights how specialty drugs are outpacing traditional drugs in a major way.

Skyrocketing specialty drug cost hurts wallets

06-25-2015 Media

The rising cost of specialty drugs to treat complex, chronic or life-threatening conditions has the potential to break the pocket books of businesses, consumers, insurance companies and the state, according to Milam Ford of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana.

How to Lower Specialty Drug Prices

06-22-2015 Media

We need to make clear that monopoly grants come with responsibility and accountability, and that competition is more important to the public than a blank check for innovation we cannot afford.

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