AJMC: Rising Drug Costs, Medicare Part D, and Defining Value

10-21-2015 Media

The current pipeline of drugs in the US is unprecedented, said Steve Miller, MD, senior vice president and chief medical officer for Express Scripts. Like Rother, he expressed worries over the current 13% increase in drug prices and the fact that prices are expected to continue to go up.

Bloomberg: Drug Politics Go Republican as Rubio Criticizes Industry

10-20-2015 Media

“It’s a new issue that’s emerged over the last few years but it’s a significant one, because it threatens to bankrupt our system,” Rubio said after being asked about drug prices by an audience member. “It’s a complex issue but it’s one we have to confront.”

The Wall Street Journal: Marco Rubio Latest to Speak Out on Prescription Drug Prices

10-20-2015 Media

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) became the latest presidential candidate to speak out on prescription drug prices, saying that some pharmaceutical companies are engaging in “pure profiteering” and that high prices threaten to “bankrupt our system.”

POLITICO: Rubio blasts drug company ‘profiteering’

10-16-2015 Media

Republican presidential contender Marco Rubio blasted pharmaceutical company “profiteering” on high-cost prescription drugs during a campaign stop this week – a sign that drug prices are becoming a lightning rod for both parties in the election.

Group targeting drug costs enters early primary states

10-2-2015 Media

POLITICO Group targeting drug costs enters early primary states By Brett Norman October 1, 2015 View Online An insurance industry-backed group targeting high drug prices is launching a new campaign in key states to pressure both Republican and Democratic presidential candidates to reckon with the issue. The Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing said it is […]

Drug firms need to explain the prices

09-29-2015 Media

Drug makers do not really want to explain how medicines are priced and, as a result, they have adopted an air of secrecy in which one cowboy can create havoc for an entire industry.

NYT: A Huge Overnight Increase in a Drug’s Price Raises Protests

09-20-2015 Media

Specialists in infectious disease are protesting a gigantic overnight increase in the price of a 62-year-old drug that is the standard of care for treating a life-threatening parasitic infection.

The Price for Lowering Cholesterol

09-9-2015 Media

The hepatitis C drugs, which cured a vast majority of patients in clinical trials, are essentially a one-time cost. The cholesterol drugs, by contrast, will be taken for a lifetime. At these rates, the lifetime costs could be staggering.

New Cholesterol Drugs Are Vastly Overpriced, Analysis Says

09-9-2015 Media

Two powerful new drugs that can sharply lower cholesterol are vastly overpriced based on the value they provide, according to a new analysis by an independent organization that evaluates pharmaceutical costs.

Insurers begin to review coverage of costly cholesterol drugs

08-28-2015 Media

“With several game-changing medications in the pipeline, we need to address the underlying issue of how these prices are set from the start before they hit the market,” John Rother, leader of the Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing, said in a statement.

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