PRESS STATEMENT: HHS to Explore Solutions to Unsustainable Drug Pricing

11-19-2015 Blog PostsPress Release

“With presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle actively talking about unsustainable prescription drug pricing, the issue is clearly bigger than politics — it’s about protecting American families and ensuring they can access the critical treatments they need at prices they can afford.”

New Survey: Overwhelming Majority of Iowa Voters Favor Presidential Candidates Who Tackle Drug Industry Pricing

11-18-2015 Blog PostsPress Release

A new survey from the Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing with polling conducted by Morning Consult shows voters in important early primary states, like Iowa, see prescription drug pricing as a hot-button, bipartisan political issue in the 2016 presidential election.

Federation of American Hospitals Joins Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing

10-21-2015 Blog PostsPress Release

“Just as consumers are feeling the unsustainable cost pressure on prescription medications, so are the hospitals that purchase these essential, lifesaving prescription drugs for our patients in our care,” said Chip Kahn, President and CEO of the Federation of American Hospitals.

PRESS STATEMENT: Report: Prescription Drug Spending Tops Year-Over-Year Price Growth for Major Health Categories

10-9-2015 Blog PostsPress Release

Report: Prescription Drug Spending Tops Year-Over-Year Price Growth for Major Health Categories A new report from the Altarum Institute found that from August 2014 to August 2015, spending for prescription drugs grew significantly faster than for any other health category, continuing its unsustainable pace. In response to the release of this data, John Rother, president […]

Staggering Price Tags Continue to Threaten Patient Access

10-8-2015 Blog PostsPress ReleaseUncategorized

Exorbitant price tags associated with breakthrough treatments illustrate the broader challenges ahead for the U.S. health care system if excessive drug pricing is not addressed head on.

Presidential Candidates Address Soaring Prescription Drug Costs

09-23-2015 Blog PostsPress Release

As the 2016 presidential race heats up, prominent candidates are beginning to unveil comprehensive plans to address soaring prescription drug costs and the harmful impact their price tags have on Americans.

Report: Prescription Drug Spending Tops Year-over-Year Price Growth for Selected Health Categories

09-15-2015 Blog PostsPress Release

“This latest health care price growth report indicates that spending on pricey prescription medications shows no sign of slowing down. When compared to other health care services, it is clear that high cost treatments continue to top the charts as a serious threat to the sustainability of our health care system and beyond.”

New effective medicines are of no use if they are unaffordable

09-9-2015 Blog PostsPress Release

The pharmaceutical industry have, in recent years, focused on development of so-called specialty drugs and have priced them aggressively. These prices, such as the US$1,000 per pill price for the hepatitis C drug sofosbuvir, are alarming for patients, employers, insurers, and governments.

FDA Approves New Cholesterol-Lowering Treatments

08-28-2015 Blog PostsPress Release

“The approval of Repatha is another example of a breakthrough medication with a too high price tag. With several game-changing medications in the pipeline, we need to address the underlying issue of how these prices are set from the start before they hit the market.”

Prescription Drug Pricing: Give the People What They Want

08-25-2015 Blog PostsMediaPress Release

Our effort—the Campaign for Sustainable Rx Prices—has been sounding the alarm for more than a year that pharmaceutical companies must come to the table with meaningful solutions to the challenge of rising drug costs. Otherwise, companies risk the rising tide of consumer anger resulting in solutions that are not constructive for anyone.

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