Staggering Price Tags Continue to Threaten Patient Access

Oct 8, 2015


For Immediate Release

October 8, 2015

John Rother
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Staggering Price Tags Continue to Threaten Patient Access

Last night, NBC News ran a segment featuring a cystic fibrosis patient who is feeling the financial burden associated with her treatment, which comes with a staggering annual price tag of over $250,000. Sadly, the reality of sticker shock has become a painful side effect for this patient, and millions of other patients struggling to pay for life saving medications.

John Rother, leader of the Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing issued the following statement in response to last night’s segment:

“Exorbitant price tags associated with breakthrough treatments illustrate the broader challenges ahead for the U.S. health care system if excessive drug pricing is not addressed head on. The pharmaceutical industry continues to flagrantly price critical treatments — in this case for cystic fibrosis — far out of reach for consumers who need them. Drugmakers are failing to understand this fundamental fact: For innovative medical treatments to truly help patients, they must be affordable.”