Apr 27, 2022

Patients for Affordable Drugs Now Poll Finds Vast Majority of Voters Reject Pharmaceutical Industry Rhetoric, Want Lawmakers to Hold Big Pharma Accountable

A new national survey from Patients for Affordable Drugs Now shows the vast majority of American voters continue to support solutions to lower prescription drug prices by holding Big Pharma accountable. The survey was conducted by GS Strategy Group and Hart Research Associates among 1,000 likely voters.

Key takeaways include 1) Americans believe prescription drug prices are too high and blame the pharmaceutical industry; 2) they support solutions to address the problem including by limiting the pharmaceutical industry’s price hikes to the rate of inflation; 3) they think Congress has not done enough to address the problem; and 4) they believe high prescription drug prices are the result of a monopoly controlled by Big Pharma, not a free, open and competitive market.

A few key results from the survey include:

  • 79 percent of voters think the amount drug companies charge for prescription drugs is “unreasonable.”
  • 85 percent of voters think lowering the price of prescription drugs should be an “important priority” for Congress, with 42 percent saying it should be “a top priority.”
  • 77 percent of voters say they support a penalty on drug makers who raise prices on prescription drugs faster than the rate of inflation.
  • When asked about the pharmaceutical industry’s arguments against solutions to lower prescription drug prices, 77 percent of voters saw through the rhetoric and said drug companies could still develop new treatments and cures if solutions to lower drug prices were passed.
  • When given several different stakeholders to choose from, a majority of voters (50 percent) found drug companies to be the most responsible for high prescription drug prices.
  • And when asked whether drug prices are the product of a free market or a monopoly, 73 percent of voters said that prices for prescription drugs are the result of a monopoly.

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