Broad Majorities of Americans Blame Pharmaceutical Industry for Out-of-Control Drug Prices and Support Market-Based Solutions to Boost Affordability, Competition and Value

Washington, D.C. – The Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing (CSRxP) released the results of a national survey conducted by Morning Consult today.

“Voters overwhelmingly view out-of-control prescription drug prices as a top political issue in the upcoming midterm elections and demand policymakers in Washington act on repeated promises to lower prices and hold Big Pharma accountable,” said CSRxP executive director Lauren Aronson. “Despite Big Pharma’s massive spending on misleading ads, Americans see through the pharmaceutical industry’s blame game and want Congress to hold the industry accountable with market-based solutions to boost affordability, competition and value.”

The survey of 2,005 registered voters was commissioned by CSRxP and conducted by Morning Consult from January 20-22, 2022. Key takeaways include:

Drug Prices Are an Important Midterm Election Issue for the Vast Majority of Voters

Voters Agree Both the Administration and Congress Must Do More to Lower Drug Prices

Americans Face Significant Financial Challenges Due to Big Pharma’s Out-of-Control Prices

Voters Rightfully Blame Big Pharma for Rising Drug Prices

And Voters Reject Big Pharma’s Blame Game Targeting Others in the Supply Chain

When asked which of the following statements comes closest to your opinion, even if neither is exactly right, voters overwhelmingly saw through the Big Pharma’s blame game rhetoric designed to evade accountability for out-of-control drug prices by targeting others in the supply chain with misleading narratives.

Voters Overwhelmingly Support Market-Based Solutions to Lower Drug Prices and Hold Big Pharma Accountable

Massive majorities support drug pricing solutions being considered as part of the Build Back Better Act. When asked how important it is that Congress pass each of the following reforms:

And voters support additional legislative and regulatory solutions to crack down on Big Pharma’s egregious abuse of the patent system and boost competition in the prescription drug marketplace.

A Majority of Voters Support CMS’ Coverage Decision on Aduhelm — Want Clinical Value and Cost Factored Into Regulatory Decision-Making

See Morning Consult’s summary of the CSRxP survey findings HERE.

Read more on market-based solutions to lower drug prices and hold Big Pharma accountable HERE.

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