CSRxP Statement on Potential Big Pharma Bailout

09-21-2018 Press ReleaseUncategorized

“Only Big Pharma would use bipartisan opioid legislation as another opportunity to make money off the very crisis they themselves created. The focus of this effort is no longer about helping communities affected by the opioid epidemic, it’s about further enriching Big Pharma on the backs of seniors, while hoping no one notices. For all the […]

CSRxP Urges FDA To Finalize Guidance Critical To Lower Drug Prices

08-23-2018 Uncategorized

The Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing (CSRxP) today joined more than a dozen health care organizations in sending a letter to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, urging him to finalize guidance critical to increasing competition in the biologics marketplace and expanding access to more affordable biosimilar options, similar to the generic […]

CSRxP Applauds Trump Administration’s Focus on Out-of-Control Drug Prices

08-21-2018 Uncategorized

CSRxP spokesman Will Holley released the following statement applauding the Trump Administration’s focus on out-of-control drug prices on the 100th day since the release of the Blueprint to Lower Drug Prices: “We applaud the Administration’s focus on out-of-control drug prices.  While we do not see eye-to-eye on each of the policies that have been put forward over […]

CSRxP Letter of Support for Durbin-Grassley DTC Advertising Amendment

08-21-2018 Uncategorized

Last night, Senators Durbin and Grassley filed an amendment to the Labor-HHS appropriations bill that would provide funding to enable the Department of Health and Human Services to require disclosure of drug pricing information in direct-to-consumer advertising for prescription drugs, as proposed  in the Trump Administration’s Blueprint to Lower Drug Prices. CSRxP has long supported […]

CSRxP Statement on CMS Changes to Medicare Part B

08-7-2018 Uncategorized

CSRxP spokesman Will Holley released the following statement following CMS’ announcement of changes to prescription drug policies in Medicare Part B: “Today’s announcement from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is a step in the right direction.  Introducing the power of competition through private sector negotiations between Medicare Advantage plans and drug manufacturers will […]

New Report Demonstrates Big Pharma’s Abuses of the Patent System

08-2-2018 Uncategorized

CSRxP spokesman Will Holley released the following statement on the release of I-MAK’s report, “Overpatented, Overpriced: How Excessive Pharmaceutical Patenting is Extending Monopolies and Driving up Drug Prices.” “Today’s report from I-MAK is an in-depth look at one of the key drivers of out-of-control drug prices: the abuse of patent laws that artificially extend monopoly pricing power […]

High Priced Drugs Lead to Banner Q2 Earnings for Big Pharma

07-27-2018 Uncategorized

CSRxP released the following statement following a week of strong Q2 earnings across the branded pharma sector: “While patients throughout the nation continue to suffer from the high price of prescription medicine, things couldn’t be better for the brand-name drug makers. Today concludes a great week for the brand-name drug monopolists who continue to post […]

CSRxP on Lilly & Biogen Earnings

07-24-2018 Uncategorized

CSRxP released the following statement following the release of Eli Lilly and Biogen’s Q2 earnings today: “Out-of-control prescription drug prices are fueling profits for brand-name drug companies like Eli Lilly and Biogen. Both companies announced higher-than-expected profits today, serving as an important reminder that the problem continues to be the price.  While the Administration’s Blueprint is […]

CSRxP Applauds Admin Focus on Drug Prices

07-19-2018 Uncategorized

CSRxP spokesman Will Holley released the following statement applauding the Trump Administration’s focus on drug prices and the recent positive announcements from certain brand-name drug manufacturers: “The recent announcements by companies like Pfizer, Novartis, Lilly, and Merck that they will take various positive steps on drug prices by cutting the price of certain drugs, limiting […]

CSRxP Applauds FDA’s Biosimilars Action Plan

07-18-2018 Uncategorized

“We applaud Commissioner Gottlieb and the FDA for their leadership on increasing access to biosimilar medicines in the United States.  As the FDA noted, full access to the benefits that biosimilars generate would save the healthcare system $4.5 billion annually and, more importantly, would make these life-changing therapies more accessible to the millions of Americans […]

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