[Bloomberg] Express Scripts Raises Pressure on Gilead for Drug Price

04-8-2014 Press Release

By Michelle Fay Cortez April 8, 2014   Express Scripts Holding Co., a pharmacy benefit manager that handles more than 1 billion prescriptions annually in the U.S., is ratcheting up its effort to force Gilead Sciences Inc. (GILD) to cut the $84,000 price of its new hepatitis C pill Sovaldi. Express Scripts plans to ask […]

[Bloomberg] Gilead’s $84,000 Treatment Questioned by U.S. Lawmakers

03-21-2014 Press Release

By Drew Armstrong Mar. 21, 2014   Gilead Sciences Inc. (GILD) is being asked by U.S. House Democrats to explain how the company set its $84,000 price for hepatitis C treatment Sovaldi. The lawmakers also asked Gilead Chief Executive Officer John Martin to explain what is being done to make sure the medicine gets into the […]

[New York Times] How Much Should Hepatitis C Treatment Cost?

03-16-2014 Press Release

Editorial Board March 16   A new pill to treat hepatitis C raises difficult questions about fair pricing, not only in the United States and other affluent nations but in developing countries around the world. Hepatitis C, which afflicts some 150 million people globally, often without symptoms for years, can cause fatigue and fever, cirrhosis or liver […]

[Associated Press] Medical Groups Question Price Of New Hep C Drug

03-11-2014 Press Release

By Matthew Perrone March 11, 2014   An innovative hepatitis C drug that was only recently hailed as a breakthrough treatment is facing skepticism from some health care providers, as they consider whether it is worth the $1,000-a-pill price set by manufacturer Gilead Sciences Inc. A panel of California medical experts voted Monday that Gilead’s […]

[LA Times] Prices of new hepatitis C drugs are tough to swallow for insurers

03-9-2014 Press Release

By Chad Terhune and Eryn Brown March 9, 2014   A pair of new drugs to treat hepatitis C offer a cure for millions of Americans afflicted with the disease — but at a potentially staggering cost to taxpayers and health plans. Until now, therapies for hepatitis C helped only about half of patients and […]

[USA Today] Could new hepatitis C drugs bust state budgets?

03-3-2014 Press Release

By Michael Ollove March 3, 2014   Two new medications to treat the deadly epidemic of hepatitis C promise millions of Americans a better chance of a cure, shorter periods of treatment and fewer side effects than older drugs. They also threaten to bust state budgets and raise private insurance rates. The new hepatitis C […]

[Washinton Post] Costly hepatitis drug Sovaldi rattles industry

03-1-2014 Press Release

By Sandhya Somashekhar March 1, 2014   When the Food and Drug Administration approved a medication called Sovaldi in December, it was hailed as a breakthrough in the fight against hepatitis C, a blood-borne disease that affects 3.2 million Americans and kills more people in the U.S. annually than AIDS. Then California-based Gilead Sciences, the […]

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