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UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust Joins Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing

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ICYMI: May 21, 2015

New poll shows 75% of Americans find Rx prices are just too high.

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A Look at the Risk to Patients and the Health Care System

New! Specialty Drug Hyperinflation White Paper

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Are Skyrocketing Drug Prices Really Needed for Innovation?

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We need a better way.

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  • Threaten access to care
  • Raise out of pocket costs
  • Create higher premiums
  • Raise taxes
  • Threaten care infrastructure
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  • "There are no multiple sclerosis drugs available in the United States with a list price below $50,000 a year"

  • U.S. spending on prescription drugs saw the largest increase since 2001, with the nation’s pharmacy bill rising to $373.9 billion last year as new treatments came to market and manufacturers increased prices on old ones.

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    For the price of Sovaldi for one patient, we could provide health insurance through Medicaid for [up to] 26 people for an entire year.

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    [Solvadi's price] has the potential to throw a wrench into short-term state budgets.

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