What They Are Saying: Candidates Talk Rx Pricing on the Campaign Trail

What They Are Saying: Candidates Talk Rx Pricing on the Campaign Trail 

Skyrocketing drug prices have been a hot issue on the presidential campaign trail. Candidates on both sides of the aisle are talking about the harmful impact these price tags have on Americans, and voters nationwide have been helping drive the conversation.

See what the 2016 presidential candidates have been saying about this rapidly growing issue.

Bernie Sanders (Reno, NV): “The drug companies are charging us the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs.”

Bernie in Reno (Act-on)

Carly Fiorina (Pawleys Island, SC): “Fifteen years to get the drug approved that saved my life as a cancer patient. Who did that help? But it is why the government has to play this important role… making sure that healthcare and drug companies provide you information… Because if you don’t have any information, you don’t have any power.”

Fiorina in SC (Act-on)

Hillary Clinton (Derry, NH): “The drug companies are free to charge us whatever they choose to charge us…The costs just keep going up with no rationale at all. So I will take this on.”

Clinton in Derry (2) (Act-on)

Jim Gilmore (Manchester, NH): “I think right now the best thing for us to do is to make sure that there’s only a reasonable time that things are on patent that would incentivize creation but get the things over into the generics as quick as possible.”

Jim Gilmore in Manchester, NH (Act-on)

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