Two Birds of a Feather: AbbVie to Acquire Fellow Price-Gouger Allergan In Multi-Billion Dollar Deal

This week, Big Pharma giant AbbVie announced plans to acquire drug maker Allergan in a $63 billion merger. AbbVie, the maker of top-selling drug in the U.S. Humira, notched over $32 billion in revenue in 2018, while Allergan, best known for manufacturing Botox, made nearly $16 billion in annual revenue.

What do AbbVie and Allergan have in common? Both follow the Big Pharma playbook of price gouging patients and consumers while stamping out competition.

As they say, birds of a feather flock together.

Here are just a few examples of how AbbVie has been using its blockbuster drug Humira to price gouge patients and block competitors from coming to the market:

Allergan has been steadily increasing prices of their drugs, too, while abusing the patent system keep prices high:

This isn’t the first major Big Pharma takeover to happen this year.  In January, Bristol-Myers Squibb announced it was paying $74 billion for rival cancer drug company Celgene – one of the biggest mergers in industry history.

Experts predict that more mergers are on the horizon. Why is that? Many of the largest drug makers have cash to burn as a result of their egregious pricing and monopolistic practices.

So keep that in mind next time you hear Big Pharma executives claim their pricing practices are necessary to support research and development.


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