$1,000-per-pill drug overtaken by pricier successor

07-11-2015 Media

The $1,000 pill for a liver-wasting viral infection that made headlines last year is no longer the favorite of patients and doctors. The new leading pill for hepatitis C is more expensive, and the number of patients seeking a cure has surged.

CalPERS approves 7.2% increase in HMO rates as drug costs climb

06-18-2015 Media

CalPERS said it spent nearly $40 million for Sovaldi on plans run by Blue Shield of California, Kaiser Permanente and CVS Health.

ICYMI: “Prescription drug prices climb into the stratosphere”

05-20-2015 Blog PostsPress Release

May 20, 2015 “Prescription drug prices climb into the stratosphere” by Trudy Lieberman, Rural Health News Service Note: Article originally printed in Sterling Journal-Advocate.  There’s no getting around it. Americans are using more medications and spending more for them. The latest evidence just came from Express Scripts, the pharmacy benefit manager, which acts as a middleman […]

ICYMI: New study answers the age old question, “Does R&D really justify high drug costs?” (Spoiler alert: the answer is no.)

05-15-2015 Blog PostsPress Release

ICYMI – May 15, 2015 ***** The New England Journal of Medicine: “The $2.6 Billion Pill — Methodologic and Policy Considerations” “Of course, it is extremely expensive and risky to develop a new medication…but as risky as drug development is, the pharmaceutical and biotech industries remain among the most profitable sectors of the U.S. economy and actually […]

New Drug Report Confirms Drug Prices On Unsustainable Path

03-11-2015 Press ReleaseUncategorized

Reaction from National Coalition on Health Care President and CEO John Rother on key findings from the “Express Scripts 2014 Drug Trend Report.”

Justifying After the Fact Is Not Justification

10-22-2014 Blog PostsPress Release

What the study should have asked is whether or not the price Gilead set for the therapy is appropriate for all patients–even asymptomatic patients–and whether or not such a large portion of potential societal value should accrue to one company.

[The Morning Consult] The Gilead Effect

10-14-2014 Media

Perhaps no company has done as much as Gilead to propel the issue of high drug prices onto center stage or to lay bare the pharmaceutical industry’s approach to pricing new drugs.

[WSJ] Will ‘Son of Sovaldi’ Cause State Medicaid Programs to Erect High Hurdles?

10-13-2014 Media

How might state Medicaid programs cope with a new and equally expensive hepatitis C treatment from Gilead Sciences.

[The Wall Street Journal] France Will use Taxes to Pressure Drug Makers on Hep C Prices

09-30-2014 Media

In an effort to blunt the high price of hepatitis C treatments, France plans to selectively tax drug makers when the total cost of their medicines exceeds a certain amount each year, according to Reuters. The government says a “progressive contribution scheme” has been designed to ensure all patients can access new and more effective treatments, while […]

[The Washington Post] The new $84,000 hepatitis C treatment is losing momentum, for now

09-18-2014 Media

After recording the best launch of any drug in history, it looks like the pace is starting to slow down for Gilead Sciences’ Sovaldi — the new $84,000 hepatitis C cure that’s sparking a new focus on specialty drug costs.

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