New Drug Report Confirms Drug Prices On Unsustainable Path

03-11-2015 Press ReleaseUncategorized

Reaction from National Coalition on Health Care President and CEO John Rother on key findings from the “Express Scripts 2014 Drug Trend Report.”

Speaking Engagements Broaden Discussion on Unsustainable Drug Prices

02-24-2015 MediaPress Release

John Rother to Make Appearances at AMA National Advocacy Conference and National Conference of Insurance Legislators. 

[NCHC] Where is the Value in Overpricing Innovative Treatments?

07-17-2014 Press Release

At $1,000 per pill, the price of the new hepatitis C drug Sovaldi has generated much attention. It’s certainly a breakthrough drug and the type of innovation we want  – but it’s also priced at a level that prohibits access for millions of people and undercuts the very innovation and value for which Sovaldi is […]

[NCHC] AEI Session on Financing Cures: White Hat or White Wash?

07-10-2014 Press Release

On Friday, July 11, AEI is hosting a session entitled “How will we pay for the cost of cures?” On its face this seems like a laudatory endeavor.  After all, as a society we need to ensure we have adequate financing mechanisms for medical innovation.  However, there is a risk that the panelists avoid the […]

[NCHC] New York Joins List of States Outraged Over Sovaldi

06-30-2014 Press Release

Costs to New Yorkers for One Drug Is 4 Times Entire Higher Education Spending A recent article in Capital New York  highlights the dilemma posed by Gilead’s new Hepatitis C drug, Sovaldi.  While an important new therapy for patients the drug has been priced in such a way that it threatens to undermine the public […]

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