Straight Talk for Pharma

Dec 7, 2016

Straight Talk for Pharma

Last week pharmaceutical CEOs gathered in New York for a panel discussion on the state of the industry. Some CEOs were straight shooters, while others stuck to the old talking points, none of them put patients before profits.

Straight from the horse’s mouth: “The real reason we’re not liked, in my opinion, is because we as an industry have used price increases to cover up the gaps in innovation. That’s just a fact,” said Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. CEO Leonard Schleifer. We agree. Check out the full discussion:

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Remember the EpiPen controversy? Mylan, the company that makes the life-saving medication hiked the price almost 550 percent over the past decade to $608 for a two-pack. Mylan’s CEO wants you to believe that “Over the years, we balanced that innovation by building awareness.” Balancing improving the product with spending billions on marketing? It doesn’t pass the sniff test. We have her full interview:

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