Big Pharma Wants Implementation of Misguided Policy that Does Nothing to Lower Drug Prices, Increases Manufacturer Pricing Power

Big Pharma is unhappy over the prospect of lawmakers repealing the misguided Rebate Rule.

“Despite railing against high drug costs on the campaign trail, lawmakers are threatening to gut a rule that would provide patients meaningful relief at the pharmacy,” said a spokesperson for the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), according to POLITICO.

In reality, the Rebate Rule, if implemented, would do nothing to lower prescription drug prices, would hike health care premiums on America’s seniors, would cost taxpayers $200 billion and could even increase out-of-pocket costs.

So why is Big Pharma so eager to see this policy implemented and upset over discussions of its possible repeal? Because while the Rebate Rule would not actually do anything to lower drug prices, it would increase profits for brand name drug companies and eliminate the only real check on the pharmaceutical industry’s unilateral control over prices. The Rebate Rule is a key policy component of Big Pharma’s blame game strategy of dodging accountability for the industry’s egregious pricing practices and pointing a finger at others in the supply chain.

Here are the facts on the Rebate Rule:

The rule would do nothing to lower out-of-control prescription drug prices:

It would increase premiums for Medicare Part D beneficiaries:
It could even increase Part D beneficiaries’ out-of-pocket costs:
Its implementation would cost taxpayers at least $200 billion in increased spending:
And it would hand the pharmaceutical industry a more than $130 billion bailout in boosted revenues:

Lawmakers must cut through Big Pharma’s blame game rhetoric, repeal the Pharma-backed Rebate Rule and advance market-based solutions to lower prescription drug prices by holding brand name drug companies accountable.

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