Right On Cue, Drug Companies Begin New Year With Major Price Hikes

Jan 2, 2019

For Immediate Release
Contact: Lauren Blair
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The Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing (CSRxP) Communications Director Lauren Blair issued the following statement in response to a new study from RX Savings Solutions that found more than three dozen pharmaceutical companies raised the prices on hundreds of medications earlier this week:

“Just like that, Big Pharma’s officially back to ‘business as normal,’ price gouging millions of Americans just in time for a new Congress to jump into action.  These price hikes are proof that, even under immense public scrutiny, drug makers will continue to prioritize profits over the patients they claim to be helping.

“Whether patients are facing a 30 percent increase on their blood pressure medication from Hikma Pharmaceuticals or more nominal increases like the three dozen GlaxoSmithKline will impose, over time, these price hikes will put more life-saving medications out of reach for millions of Americans.

“The commitment from pharmaceutical companies like Allergan to ‘responsible pricing principles’ is nothing more than a hollow pledge that fails to acknowledge the fact that an incremental price increase could force a patient to forgo treatment altogether.

“Lowering drug prices is Americans’ number one priority for Congress.  With bipartisan commitments to act from lawmakers in the House and Senate, and continued action from the Trump Administration, CSRxP looks forward to working together to advance market-based solutions that will improve the lives of patients across the country.”