CSRxP Survey: Vast Majority Of Americans Want Washington To Focus On Solutions That Crack Down On Big Pharma

Jun 6, 2019

Americans Want Policymakers to Focus on Holding Big Pharma Accountable

  • 68 Points: By a whopping 68-point margin, 84 to 16 percent, surveyed Americans believe policymakers in Washington should focus on cracking down on the anti-competitive and price gouging tactics of Big Pharma rather than on eliminating rebates.
  • 92 Percent: America’s seniors, in particular, believe policymakers should focus on Big Pharma rather than rebates, by a massive margin of 92 to 8 percent.

Americans Blame Big Pharma for Rising Prescription Drug Prices

  • 60 Percent: Nearly 60 percent of Americans blame Big Pharma’s anti-competitive tactics and price gouging for rising prescription drug prices. That’s nearly triple the number who hold second place insurers responsible.
  • 61 & 56 Percent: Lopsided blame for Big Pharma holds true across party lines, with 61 percent of Republicans and 56 percent of Democrats holding drug makers responsible for rising drug prices.