CSRxP Senate Battleground Poll: Voters Back Grassley-Wyden, Demand Action To Hold Big Pharma Accountable

Sep 22, 2019

A Decisive Majority of Voters Hold Big Pharma Responsible for Out-of-Control Prices

  • 70 Percent: On average across the five states, more than 70 percent of survey respondents lay blame for “the rising price of prescription drugs” at the feet of pharmaceutical companies.

Voters Overwhelmingly Agree Drug Prices are a Top Priority Issue

  • 92 Percent: Nearly 92 percent of Senate battleground voters view prescription drug prices as “very important” or “somewhat important” among every issue confronting Americans.

Massive Majorities Support Grassley-Wyden and Want the Senate to Pass Those Reforms

  • 70 Percent: Approaching 70 percent of voters in key Senate battleground states support The Prescription Drug Pricing Reduction Act of 2019 – compared to just 4.8 percent who oppose it. That includes more than 70 percent of voters across every ideology (72.2 percent of conservatives, 70.4 percent of moderates and 82.8 percent of liberals).
  • 90 to 2: By a whopping 90 to 2 percent margin, voters believe that if the House passes legislation that includes measures also contained in Grassley-Wyden, to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable, cap out-of-pocket costs for seniors and keep price increases below the rate of inflation — that the Senate must follow suit. That includes 92.2 percent of Democrats and 94.2 percent of Republicans who support Senate action on these reforms.