PRESS STATEMENT: Survey Finds Early Primary State Voters Looking for Action on Prescription Drug Prices

Jun 23, 2015


June 23, 2015

84% of Voters Favor Candidates Taking On Drug Industry Pricing

A recent study of over 2,500 voters in Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire found that prescription drug prices are becoming a hot political issue in these early primary states.  The study was conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of the Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing.

Voters across party and state lines say they will favor candidates who tackle the affordability of prescription drug prices.

John Rother, President of the National Coalition on Health Care and Chair of the Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing said, “Prescription drug prices are emerging as a central theme of the 2016 elections.  This is a Medicare-like issue for voters; it is a pocketbook issue that crosses party lines.  People want to see candidates who understand that the huge price increases are a real problem for American families.”

The survey asked voters in the three states which position they would support from a Presidential candidate – a candidate who argued that high prices were justified by R&D costs or one who argues that we need more competition and more responsible pricing by drug companies.  Voters overwhelming sided with candidates would tackle costs head on, with only 6% favoring the status quo and 84% favoring candidates who would do more.

The survey also asked voters methods they would favor for holding down prescription drug prices.   Across all three states, 68% of voters said that having drug companies disclose how they calculated a drug’s price would be an effective way to hold down prescription drug prices.

Rother said that his group believes this is a non-partisan issue and voters are looking for candidates who demonstrate real concern for the hardship caused by these high prices.   “Our group has been advocating for market-based solutions to this problem that should be attractive to people across the political spectrum.  I think candidates who fail to understand the brewing anger out there do so at their own risk.  The grassroots is getting engaged.”

Text of Key Questions from Survey:

“Candidate A says more must be done to promote investment in research and development for drug companies, even if that means drug companies will make higher profits and have greater power to set drug prices.”

  • 6% Iowa (verify numbers for other states)


“Candidate B says more must be done to make sure that drug companies are acting responsibly and that the market is working in the way it should – to promote competition and hold down prices.”

  • 84% Iowa (verify numbers for other states)


Would you say requiring drug companies to disclose how they calculated a drug’s price is an effective way to hold down prescription drug costs, or not?

  • Yes 68%
  • No 20%
  • Don’t Know / No Opinion / Refused 12%