PRESS STATEMENT: HHS to Explore Solutions to Unsustainable Drug Pricing

CSRxP PRESS STATEMENT: HHS to Explore Solutions to Unsustainable Drug Pricing 

On Friday, HHS is holding a forum with various stakeholders to explore possible solutions to soaring prescription drug prices. John Rother, executive director of the Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing, issued the following statement in advance of the event:

“I commend HHS for convening their pharmaceutical forum, which I will be attending on behalf of the campaign. With presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle actively talking about unsustainable prescription drug pricing, the issue is clearly bigger than politics — it’s about protecting American families and ensuring they can access the critical treatments they need at prices they can afford. As our recent polling shows, 90 percent of voters across the early primary states feel it’s important that candidates address soaring drug prices. And as we learned this week from IMS Health, spending on prescription drugs shows no signs of slowing down as worldwide projections are expected to hit an unprecedented $1.4 trillion by 2020. We look forward to working together to find market-oriented, sustainable pricing solutions that work for the U.S. healthcare system and beyond.”

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