ICYMI: New poll shows 75% of Americans find Rx prices are just too high.

May 21, 2015

May 21, 2015

Morning Consult: “New Cures, Old Problems: Poll Shows Drug Affordability Addles Americans”

“The House Energy and Commerce Committee is slated to vote today on legislation that offers incentives to the pharmaceutical industry to develop new drugs and devices. But the bill does little immediately to address what a new Morning Consult poll found voters care about most: Rising drug costs.

The poll of 2,059 registered voters show an overwhelming majority ­ 75 percent ­ say that prescription medication is too expensive. And they would know ­ 68 percent are on medication, with most, 46 percent, taking between two to fourŠOf those polled, nearly half (44 percent) think periods of exclusivity ­ described in the poll as being as long as 12 years for some drugs ­ are fair, but should be shorter. Twenty-four percent disagreed, saying drug companies shouldn¹t be granted periods of exclusivity.”


Journal-Advocate: “Prescription drug prices climb into the stratosphere”

“The public is becoming more skeptical and starting to question both prices and drug company marketing practices. “A year ago there was little discussion,” says John Rother, who heads a group called the National Coalition on Health Care. “Today that is 100 percent reversed,” and the group’s Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing may be catching on. “But I think we’re still a long way from agreement about what to do,” he said.”