Oct 15, 2021

New Survey Contributes to Unprecedented Momentum for Congress to Hold Big Pharma Accountable, Tracks Recent Findings Demonstrating Urgency for Action

In case you missed it, new polling from AARP Arizona finds that an overwhelming majority of voters in the state support solutions to lower prescription drug prices and want to see their elected officials take action to address the issue.

The survey, conducted by OH Predictive Insights, contributes to the unprecedented momentum for Congress to hold Big Pharma accountable. The poll demonstrates Arizona voters are concerned about the affordability of prescription drugs, want to see action taken on the issue, and support a range of solutions to address the problem. Importantly, Arizona voters are seeing through Big Pharma’s scare tactics and believe solutions to address out-of-control drug prices won’t negatively impact innovation.

Major takeaways from AARP’s Arizona poll include:

  • An overwhelming majority of Arizona voters (89 percent) say Congress needs to tackle high prescription drug prices.
  • Almost two-thirds of Arizona voters (65 percent) say they are concerned about the affordability of prescription drugs, and more than one-third of Arizona voters (35 percent) reported not filling a prescription within the last two years.
  • Almost nine in ten Arizona voters either strongly agree or somewhat agree that there is a way to reduce drug prices without stifling innovation.
  • Two-thirds of Arizona voters reported that they would view a member of Congress more favorably if they took action on the issue of prescription drug prices; and
  • When voters were explained five different legislative solutions currently being considered to lower prescription drug prices, all five solutions received at least 80 percent support, including measures to keep price hikes below the rate of inflation and cap out-of-pocket costs for seniors.
Read more on the AARP Arizona and OH Predictive Insight poll results HERE.

The new polling in Arizona tracks with recent findings from a national voter survey conducted by CSRxP in September. CSRxP’s survey, conducted by Morning Consult, found that:

Americans Face Serious Financial Challenges as a Result of Out-of-Control Drug Prices

  • 26 Percent: More than one in four American voters said they or a family member had financial difficulty affording a prescribed medication in the last 12 months.
Voters Overwhelmingly Want Congress to Act — Lack of Action Will Impact Vote in Next Election
  • Four in Five: Nearly four in five American voters (79 percent) say it is important for lawmakers to pass prescription drug pricing reform before the end of the year.
  • 71 Percent: 71 percent of voters say failure to pass drug pricing solutions before the end of the year would have an impact on their vote in the next election, with nearly half of voters saying it would have a “significant impact.”
Voters Blame Big Pharma for Out-of-Control Drug Prices & Don’t Buy Bogus Innovation Rhetoric
  • 85 Percent: 85 percent of voters say pharmaceutical companies are to blame for rising prescription drug prices, including nearly two-thirds of voters who say pharmaceutical companies are “very responsible.”
  • 65 to 14: When asked which statement they agree with more:
    • 65 percent of voters select: “Some lawmakers say prescription drug prices are out-of-control and Congress must act now to lower prices, provide relief for struggling American patients and taxpayers and hold big pharmaceutical companies accountable for their price-hiking and anti-competitive practices.”
    • Compared with just 14 percent who select: “Some lawmakers say solutions to lower drug prices would amount to a tax on pharmaceutical companies that threatens to reduce investments into potentially life-saving innovations.”
  • 84 Percent: 84 percent of voters support solutions to lower drug prices by holding pharmaceutical companies accountable.
Massive Majorities Support Solutions to Lower Prices & Hold Big Pharma Accountable
  • >Three in Four: More than three-quarters of voters support a redesign of the Medicare Part D program to deliver relief for seniors, keep price hikes below the rate of inflation and discourage price-gouging by giving Big Pharma significant skin-in-the-game in the catastrophic phase of coverage.
    • More than half of voters “strongly support” all three solutions. Fewer than ten percent of voters oppose any of the three.
      • 78 percent support capping out-of-pocket costs for seniors, including 55 percent who “strongly support.
      • 76 percent support keeping pharmaceutical companies’ price increases below the rate of inflation, including 50 percent who “strongly support.”81 percent support ensuring pharmaceutical companies pay their fair share by being given significant cost-sharing liability in the catastrophic phase of coverage, including 58 percent who “strongly support.”
  • 80 and 73 Percent: In addition, 80 percent of voters support solutions to help lower drug prices by increasing transparency and 73 percent support solutions to help lower drug prices by increasing competition.

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