[Forbes] At $1,000 A Pill, Hepatitis C Drug Sovaldi Rattles Medicaid Programs

Apr 28, 2014
By Bruce Jaspen
April 28, 2014


Medicaid health insurance programs for the poor are grappling with how to pay for the costly Hepatitis C treatment Sovaldi, which costs $1,000 a pill and is running up a huge tab for states already grappling with myriad health and general budgetary issues.

The costs are hitting Medicaid programs extraordinarily hard because the population of patients in need of Sovaldi tend to have low incomes and wouldn’t be able to afford it without the government insurance. Sovaldi, developed by Gilead Sciences, has been hailed for its effectiveness in treating Hepatitis C, a disease that effects more than 3 million people in the U.S.


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