Drug Prices Top Concern for Iowa Voters

Nov 18, 2015

Washington Examiner 
Drug prices top concern for Iowa voters
By Robert King
November 17, 2015

Rising prescription drug prices is one of the top issues for Iowa voters, a new poll finds.

About nine in 10 Iowa voters say it is important for presidential candidates to address rising drug costs, according to a poll released Wednesday by Morning Consult. The poll was sponsored by the Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing, created by a coalition of insurers and unions.

In addition to the drug pricing questions, the poll found that Donald Trump leads Ben Carson in the state 29 to 17 percent, and Hillary Clinton leads Sen. Bernie Sanders by 18 percentage points.

The coalition said the poll findings for drug prices spread across political lines.

“Simply put, voters are looking for relief from astronomical drug prices and favor candidates who understand this is a pocketbook issue for American families,” said John Rother, executive director of the coalition.

Other findings include that seven in 10 voters support increasing transparency in how drugs are priced by requiring companies to publish research and development, marketing and sales costs for their products.
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