“DOSE OF REALITY” Calling Big Pharma’s Bluff On PBMs: Part IV

Big Pharma has tried to evade culpability for the crisis of rising prescription drug prices by pointing a finger at pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs).  As the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance prepares to hear from the executives of five PBMs on April 9, it’s time to debunk Big Pharma’s bluffs.  PBMs serve an essential role in the prescription drug distribution chain and work on behalf of payers and consumers to reduce prescription drug costs, increase convenience and improve safety.

Ahead of the hearing, we’re setting the record straight on the essential role PBMs play in negotiating savings for patients by calling out Big Pharma’s suspect claims and pushing back on the proposed Rebate Rule’s false promises.

Yesterday, we went toe-to-toe against the claim patients don’t benefit from the savings PBMs achieve.

Today, we’re dismantling the argument that eliminating rebates would benefit Medicare seniors.


Eliminating Rebates Would Benefit Medicare Seniors. 


The Government’s Own Actuaries Predict Medicare Part D Premiums Will Balloon 25 Percent Under The Proposed Rebate Rule.   

And Rebates Are Demonstrated To Achieve Savings For Seniors On Medicare Part D.

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