Clear Majority of Voters Identify Rx Drug Affordability as Top Issue and Overwhelmingly Back Bipartisan Solutions to Increase Competition, Boost Transparency and Hold Drug Companies Accountable

Washington, D.C. – The Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing (CSRxP) released the results of a national survey conducted by Morning Consult Tuesday.

“Too many Americans are struggling to afford their prescription drugs and clear majorities rightly place responsibility at the feet of Big Pharma as the industry continues to hike prices during a pandemic,” said CSRxP executive director Lauren Aronson. “Voters overwhelmingly expect Congress and the new administration to move urgently, and in a bipartisan manner, to follow-through on campaign promises to lower drug prices and hold drug companies accountable.”

“There is broad, bipartisan support for market-based solutions to tackle the crisis of prescription drug affordability, including policies to increase competition, boost transparency, keep price hikes below the rate of inflation, cap out-of-pocket costs and crack down on Big Pharma’s egregious practices,” Aronson continued. “With unprecedented public support for market-based solutions and as many as one in four Americans unable to afford their medications as prescribed, the time for action to lower drug prices and hold Big Pharma accountable is now.”

The survey of 1,992 registered voters was commissioned by CSRxP and conducted by Morning Consult from January 13 to January 16, 2021. Key takeaways include:

Out-of-Control Drug Prices An Urgent Concern for American Families

Americans Overwhelmingly Agree Big Pharma is Responsible for Rising Prices

1. Pharmaceutical companies put profits before people and the industry’s anti-competitive tactics and price-gouging have left too many Americans unable to afford the medications they need to survive and enjoy a strong quality of life. Now is the time for Congress to pass bipartisan, market-based solutions to hold drug companies accountable and lower prescription drug prices.

2. Pharmaceutical companies are doing everything they can to develop, produce and provide vaccines and treatments for COVID-19. Now is the wrong time to blame pharmaceutical companies for rising drug prices or advance policies that could restrict innovation.
Voters Expect Congress and the New Administration to Lower Rx Prices and Hold Big Pharma Accountable
Americans Believe Big Pharma’s Pandemic Price Hikes Hurt Families and Increase the Urgency for Action
Market-Based Solutions to Lower Prescription Drug Prices Enjoy Broad, Bipartisan Support
Americans Oppose the Misguided Rebate Rule and Support Overturning the Pharma-Backed Policy

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