Survey Finds 83 Percent of Americans Believe Drug Companies Should Stop Price Increases, Majority More Concerned About Rx Prices as a Result of COVID-19

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Washington, D.C. – The Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing (CSRxP) released a statement Tuesday on a new national survey, commissioned by CSRxP and conducted by Morning Consult, that found an overwhelming majority of American voters agree Big Pharma should suspend price hikes on their products while the nation continues to grapple with the impact of COVID-19. The poll also found a majority of Americans are more concerned about prescription drug prices as a result of the pandemic.

“American voters overwhelmingly agree that Big Pharma must suspend traditional summer price hikes as the nation continues to grapple with the impact of COVID-19,” said CSRxP executive director Lauren Aronson. “As the economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic increases voter concern with the affordability of prescription drugs, Big Pharma should put aside its business-as-usual approach to hiking prices on American families.”

The CSRxP survey found American voters overwhelmingly blame Big Pharma for rising prescription drug prices, believe pharmaceutical companies still put profits over people and back market-based solutions to hold drug companies accountable and lower drug prices. In addition, a vast majority of voters agree that policymakers must prevent Big Pharma from price-gouging COVID-19 treatments and vaccines in light of the billions being invested by taxpayers in their development.

“American voters still rightly hold Big Pharma accountable for rising prescription drug prices, believe the industry puts profits over people and support solutions to hold drug companies accountable,” Aronson continued. “Policymakers must respond by advancing market-based solutions to increase transparency, boost competition, prevent drug companies from profiteering off COVID-19 treatments and hold Big Pharma accountable.”

Key takeaways from the CSRxP survey include:

American Voters Overwhelmingly Agree Big Pharma Should Suspend Price Hikes.

A Majority of American Voters Are More Concerned About the Affordability of Prescription Drugs as a Result of COVID-19.
Voters Overwhelmingly Agree Drug Prices are a Top Priority Issue.
And A Decisive Majority Hold Big Pharma Responsible for Rising Rx Prices.
Americans Remain Skeptical of Big Pharma and Believe the Industry Continues to Put Profits Over People
Voters Overwhelmingly Support Action from Policymakers to Prevent Big Pharma From Profiteering Off COVID-19 Treatments and Vaccines Developed with Taxpayer Investments.
Americans Support Market-Based Solutions to Lower Prescription Drug Prices and Hold Big Pharma Accountable.
A Strong Majority of Voters Say Congressional Inaction on Rx Prices Will Impact Their Vote.

Read Morning Consult’s summary of the survey HERE.

Big Pharma is busting profit and revenue expectations and receiving billions of dollars in research funding from taxpayers while millions of Americans are struggling — these companies must suspend traditional summer price hikes now. Learn more on CSRxP’s “No Price Hikes” campaign and sign the petition HERE.

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