Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing Announces Addition of Physician Group

Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing
Announces Addition of Physician Group

The Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing (CSRxP) today announced that influential physician organization CAPG has joined the Campaign. CAPG is the leading U.S. trade association for accountable physician organizations.

CAPG joins the broad-based campaign working to curb rising prescription drug prices that includes hospitals, physicians, nurses, consumers, health plans, pharmacists, and employers.

“CAPG’s physicians experience the impact high prescription drug prices have on patients every day,” said CSRxP Executive Director John Rother. “When people cannot afford their medications because of the costly price tag, it’s harder to get and stay healthy. For CAPG physicians and their patients, prescription drug pricing is personal.”

“The rate of increase in the pharmaceutical spend is alarming,” said CAPG President and CEO, Donald H. Crane.  “Physician organizations are intensely focused on bringing care coordination to our patients with a goal of improving population health.  We believe that the time has come to bring pharmaceuticals into the value-based payment reform conversation.”

The addition comes during CSRxP’s nationwide initiative to highlight voters’ concerns over high prescription drug prices and introduce its market-based solutions to voters, candidates, and elected officials. CSRxP’s recently unveiled set of market-based solutions would address the broken prescription drug market by focusing on increasing competition, transparency and value.

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