Prescription Drug Price Hikes Help Fuel Massive 32 Percent Boost to Profits For Big Pharma Giant


As millions of Americans struggle to afford the medications they need, the first earnings report from a Big Pharma giant demonstrates the industry continues to rake in sky-high profits by shamelessly hiking prices.

Just yesterday, brand name drug company Johnson & Johnson announced a massive 32 percent jump in profits in Q4 – kicking off what is sure to be another profitable earnings season for Big Pharma as the industry continues to place profits over people while evading responsibility for their egregious behavior.

The Big Pharma giant boasted better than expected Q4 profits amid ongoing legal struggles.

Johnson & Johnson’s better than expected earnings come as the company has continued to hike prices on their prescription drugs, despite a growing crisis of affordability.

Johnson & Johnson

Stay tuned as we continue to monitor Q4 earnings announcements from brand name drug makers over the coming weeks.

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