AARP Report Finds Dramatic Prescription Price Hikes

AARP Report Finds Dramatic Prescription Price Hikes 

Following the release of today’s AARP Rx Price Watch Report, John Rother, executive director of the Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing issued the following statement:

“Today’s AARP report provides new evidence that drug companies are raising prescription drug prices on patients indiscriminately. Specialty and branded drugs alike are going up six times faster than inflation. The exorbitant increases make health care more expensive for families, taxpayers, and job creators and put a major strain on federal and state governments. It’s going to take market-based policy solutions to deal with this unsustainable trend.”

Rother added, “Tomorrow many Americans will head to the polls for Super Tuesday, and one of the most important issues for voters is reducing these prescription price hikes and protecting hardworking Americans from price gouging.”


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