Final Comment Letter: Proposed Rebate Rule

Despite efforts from the brand drug industry to suggest otherwise, brand pharmaceutical companies – and pharmaceutical companies alone – are the drivers of the high drug prices American consumers and taxpayers face every day. Brand manufacturers set unsustainably high launch prices for their products and typically increase those prices at rates that far exceed inflation…

CSRxP firmly believes that without major actions by HHS and others, the brand pharmaceutical industry will continue to excessively profit from their unfair and unsustainable pricing practices that increase drugs costs and jeopardize access for the patients who need them. CSRxP looks forward to working with HHS to develop alternative bipartisan, market-based policies that promote transparency, foster competition, and incentivize value to improve affordability for consumers while at the same time maintaining access to the treatments that can improve health outcomes and save lives.

Uploaded: 04-8-2019

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