Document: CSRxP Letter to Senate Finance Committee

The Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing (CSRxP) wishes to commend you for your strong bipartisan efforts to lower prescription drug prices for Americans by moving forward with the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance package on drug pricing. CSRxP believes that the Senate Finance package is a good first step in slowing the unsustainable growth in prescription drug prices to make drugs more affordable for U.S. consumers and taxpayers. We very much appreciate your leadership in seeking to address this critically important issue that so many Americans face every day.

CSRxP is a nonpartisan coalition of organizations committed to fostering an informed discussion on sustainable drug pricing and to developing bipartisan, market-based solutions that promote competition, transparency, and value to improve affordability while maintaining patient access to innovative prescription drugs that can improve health outcomes and save lives. Our members represent organizations including consumers, hospitals, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, employers, pharmacy benefit managers and insurance providers.

Uploaded: 07-24-2019

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