Dear Congress, Keep Your Commitment.

“Drug prices are going up – every single day.  It’s relentless. It’s price gouging.” – Paul


“Big Pharma is price gouging people like me. I have no choice – if I don’t have my medication, I will die.” – Sarah


Congress, Americans are counting on you to hold Big Pharma accountable.

Drug prices are out-of-control. While Big Pharma is posting nearly 30% profit margins, too many hardworking Americans are having to choose between paying their bills and accessing life-saving medicines.

Americans deserve more competition and open, honest information when it comes to drug pricing. We need to solve this challenge now.

It’s time to take politics out of health care. Every person deserves access to the medications they need at a price they can afford, especially those who can least afford them.

We should not have to choose between innovation and affordability. With the right solutions and genuine collaboration, we can have both.


The election is over. 

It’s time to keep your commitment.

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