CSRxP Praises President-Elect’s Commitment to Lower Prescription Drug Prices

12-7-2016 Press Release

“We are encouraged to see the president-elect is ready to take action. We look forward to working with the new Administration and the new Congress to find solutions to fix the broken prescription drug market, and to help make life-saving medications more affordable for the patients who need them.”

Straight Talk for Pharma

12-7-2016 Press Release

The drug industry is front and center in a national dialogue. How do we make sure patients around the world can get the medicines they need? Can we balance costs and the need for innovation? Pharma leaders answer Forbes’ questions – and yours.

Prices Skyrocket for Drugs Used to Treat Some of the Most Prevalent Health Conditions Facing Americans

11-30-2016 Press Release

“Millions of Americans rely on prescription drugs to get and stay healthy. The challenges of dealing with a health condition are only made worse when pharmaceutical companies take advantage of patients and raising prices where they see an increased market opportunity,” said CSRxP Executive Director John Rother.

American Diabetes Association calls on Congress to hold hearings on insulin prices

11-18-2016 Press Release

The American Diabetes Association’s board of directors is calling on Congress to hold hearings to investigate dramatic increases in insulin prices and to take action to ensure that people have affordable access to the essential drug.

Congressional Scrutiny Alone Is Not Enough to Lower Prescription Drug Prices

11-17-2016 Press Release

“The newly-elected Congress has a mandate to pass market-based solutions, such as legislation that would give patients more choices in their medications. Lowering drug prices is the number one healthcare issue for voters — and elected officials are going to continue to hear from their constituents until drug prices are more affordable.”

Report: Prescription Drug Price Growth Highest Since 1992

11-11-2016 Press Release

“We urge the new administration and the new Congress to immediately address the rising cost of healthcare by delivering solutions that increase transparency, competition and value in the prescription drug market, and we look forward to working together to make drugs more affordable for citizens across the country.”

Campaign Continues to Grow with Additional Physician Voices

11-3-2016 Blog PostsPress Release

“The addition of the well-respected Society of General Internal Medicine is crucial as CSRxP continues to build a broad partnership of leaders from every corner of healthcare that are dedicated to fixing the broken prescription drug market,” said CSRxP Executive Director John Rother.

POLL: Voters Name Affordable Prescription Drugs Top Healthcare Priority

10-28-2016 Press Release

“Right now, the most pressing healthcare issue for voters is making prescription drugs affordable for those who need them. Voters are expecting action from the next president and their newly-elected Congress to fix this problem.”

New Report Shows Prescription Drug Price Hikes Force Hospitals to Pay More for Medication

10-11-2016 Press Release

“Rising drug prices are making trips to the hospital more expensive no matter where you live,” said John Rother, executive director of the Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing (CSRxP). “It’s price gouging on the most vulnerable, pure and simple, and Americans are fed up.”

CSRxP Statement on Congressional Hearing to Investigate EpiPen Price Hikes

09-22-2016 Press Release

“The consequences of unaccountable price increases for EpiPens are felt every day by millions of families across the country. Sadly, this is just the latest example of drug companies trying to justify their skyrocketing price increases.”

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