Vizient Joins CSRxP as 30th Member of the Coalition

09-21-2017 Press Release

“We are excited to join CSRxP and be a part of the coalition to achieve reasonable prescription drug prices,” says Jody Hatcher, president, sourcing and collaboration services at Vizient. “Our health care members are facing enormous financial and clinical pressures associated with pharmaceuticals.

37 Signatories Call on Congress to Pass CREATES Act

09-20-2017 Press Release

37 signatories have called on Congress to pass the Creating and Restoring Equal Access to Equivalent Samples (CREATES) Act. This coalition represents a broad-based and diverse cross-section of stakeholders – including providers and payers, physicians and consumers, businesses and unions – all of whom have come together in strong support of this important legislation.

CSRxP Statement on Novartis’ $475,000 Price Tag for Kymriah

08-30-2017 Blog PostsPress Release

“While we are very excited about the potential for CAR-T therapies to save lives, Novartis’ pricing decision disappointingly pushes an unsustainable trend even closer to the breaking point.”

CSRxP Calls for Action on CREATES Act

07-27-2017 Blog PostsPress Release

CSRxP Calls for Action on CREATES Act The Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing released this statement from spokesman Will Holley on today’s House Judiciary Subcommittee on Regulatory Reform, Commercial and Antitrust Law hearing on Antitrust Concerns and the FDA Approval Process:  “Out-of-control prescription drug prices are an epidemic that harm all Americans. They affect not […]

CSRxP Calls for Further Action on Rx Prices

07-12-2017 Press Release

CSRxP spokesman Will Holley releases statement following House passage of FDA user fee legislation.

CSRxP Highlights Big Pharma’s Price Gouging Tactics With New Spot: “The Right”

06-19-2017 Press Release

“The Right” highlights examples of Big Pharma’s price-gouging tactics, such as Miacalcin’s 3,200% price hike, Daraprim’s 5,000% price hike, and doxycycline’s 9,000% price increase in just six months. These price hikes are part of a longstanding pattern that show no sign of slowing down – in fact, a recent report showed that there were more price hikes in the first quarter of 2017 than there were in the first quarter of 2016.

CSRxP Rolls Out Latest Ad: “Priorities”

05-18-2017 Press Release

It’s time for Big Pharma to get their priorities straight: American’s deserve open and honest prescription drug pricing.

Avik Roy Unveils “The Competition Prescription”

05-16-2017 Blog PostsPress Release

Read “The Competition Prescription,” a new white paper by Avik Roy, President of Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity on how federal policy has artificially driven up the cost of prescription drugs, and market-based reforms to bring prices down.

Association for Community Affiliated Plans Joins CSRxP

05-10-2017 Press Release

“The people served by ACAP’s members are among the most vulnerable to the out-of-control prices of prescription medications and they have first-hand experience with the effect that Big Pharma’s pricing policies have on real people every day,” said John Rother, Executive Director of CSRxP.

CSRxP Applauds PhRMA’s Newfound Commitment to R&D

05-9-2017 Press Release

“If PhRMA’s members are serious about their commitment to affordability, we invite them to join us in supporting common-sense, bipartisan reforms like the CREATES and FAST Generics Acts that address equally-egregious, though less-publicized, anticompetitive abuses as the ones that prompted this change in policy.”

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