[Modern Healthcare] Excessive drug costs could invite price caps: AHIP’s Ignagni

05-21-2014 Press Release

By Paul Demko May 21, 2014   The steep cost of Sovaldi—Gilead Sciences’ $1,000-per-pill treatment for hepatitis C—is prompting wide-ranging discussions about the cost of drugs and whether the government should take more steps to regulate the cost of potentially life-saving treatments. “The Sovaldi example has brought us to a crossroads,” said Karen Ignagni, president […]

[Law360] Drugmakers, Insurers Battle Over Surging Big Pharma Prices

05-21-2014 Press Release

By Jeff Overly May 21, 2014   Executives representing drugmakers, employers and health insurers sparred Wednesday at a high-profile forum on soaring prescription drug prices, clashing over the need for higher-deductible plans, government cost controls and streamlined approvals at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The event, dubbed Future of Medicine and held in Washington, […]

[Healthcare Payer News] Sovaldi spurs call to action on high drug costs

05-21-2014 Press Release

By Anthony Brino May 21, 2014   The breakthrough hepatitis drug Sovaldi has sparked a vigorous debate about the financial sustainability of U.S. healthcare and the role of government in regulating prices. “The Sovaldi example has brought us to a crossroads,” said Karen Ignagni, president and CEO of America’s Health Insurance Plans, during a conference […]

[Politico] No consensus on how to afford specialty drugs

05-21-2014 Press Release

By Brett Norman May 21, 2014 The astronomical price of a new “miracle” drug for hepatitis C has insurers and others who ultimately foot health care bills agreeing that drug costs are out of control and must come down. But there’s little consensus on how to make that happen. Executives from insurers, pharmacy benefit managers […]

[Roanoke Times] The People’s Pharmacy: Will cost of cancer drugs break the bank?

05-20-2014 Press Release

By Joe and Teresa Graedon May 20, 2014   Cancer has become a cash cow for drug companies. Over the past decade, the cost of lifesaving medications has soared to an average of $10,000 a month. Although pharmaceutical manufacturers maintain that such costs are needed to cover research and development, insurance companies, patients and doctors […]

[McClatchy DC] Insurers, regulators prepare to negotiate 2015 health coverage costs

05-20-2014 Press Release

By Tony Pugh May 20, 2014 The risk pools in these 24 states need these healthy people, who are cheaper to insure, to help offset the cost of sicker, more costly plan members. Without them, these states might experience rate hikes next year that are 10 percent larger than those in other states, said John […]

[California Health Line] High-Priced Drug Could Be Deal Changer

05-19-2014 Press Release

By George Lauer May 19, 2014   An effective, high-priced drug has governments, health insurers, consumers and ultimately taxpayers between a rock and a hard place. It could be a harbinger of things to come — including more medical breakthroughs and new policies to help pay for them. The success of Sovaldi is good news […]

[Puget Sound Business Journal] $1,000-a-pill hepatitis C drug may be too costly for Medicaid insurers

05-14-2014 Press Release

By Atia Musazay May 14, 2014   A breakthrough drug now on the market could be a potential cure for hepatitis C. But with its costly price tag of $1,000, or $84,000 for a 12-week treatment, the state of Washington is concerned that not everyone who needs the medication will be able to afford it. […]

[Bloomberg Government] Backlash on Rising Drug Prices Led by Cancer Doctors, Insurers

05-7-2014 Press Release

By Robert Langreth May 7, 2014   The backlash over surging drug prices is starting to take hold. With the average cost of branded cancer drugs doubling over the past decade to about $10,000 per month in the U.S., doctors, insurers and politicians are all moving in different ways to pressure drugmakers on pricing. Cancer doctors are […]

[Georgia Health News] Hepatitis C: The high cost of a cure

05-6-2014 Press Release

By Andy Miller May 6, 2014   Probably the biggest ethical dilemma now confronting the health care world involves two expensive new drugs to treat hepatitis C. The issue boils down to a tradeoff between efficacy and cost. One drug, Sovaldi, has a 90 percent cure rate for newly infected patients – much better than […]

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