[Forbes] At $1,000 A Pill, Hepatitis C Drug Sovaldi Rattles Medicaid Programs

04-28-2014 Press Release

By Bruce Jaspen April 28, 2014   Medicaid health insurance programs for the poor are grappling with how to pay for the costly Hepatitis C treatment Sovaldi, which costs $1,000 a pill and is running up a huge tab for states already grappling with myriad health and general budgetary issues. The costs are hitting Medicaid […]

[Washington Post] An $84,000 hepatitis drug is giving states and insurers a major headache

04-28-2014 Press Release

By Jason Millman April 28, 2014   The new hepatitis C drug Sovaldi is being hailed as a potential breakthrough treatment for a disease that affects about 3.2 million Americans. It’s also vexing insurers, who worry about the drug’s $1,000-a-day-price tag. (The full 12-week course of treatment runs about $84,000). One set of insurers is […]


04-28-2014 Press Release

BY JAMES SUROWIECKI April 28 Issue   Few people have done better in the recent stock boom than biotech investors. Biotech was the best-performing market sector last year, and in the past two years its stocks rose a hundred and twenty per cent. But suddenly, in late March, the stocks tanked, some falling more than twenty […]

[PBS News Hour] New Hepatitis-C drug raises hope at a hefty price

04-23-2014 Press Release

JUDY WOODRUFF April 23, 2014   Watch Story Here   JUDY WOODRUFF: Now: Who should pay when drugs are very effective, but extremely expensive? That’s an important question for the U.S. health care system as new treatments come along, and it’s a matter of real concern over a new drug that has a 90 percent to 100 […]

[CBS News] $1,000-a-day hepatitis C drug approved to treat prison inmates in Illinois

04-18-2014 Press Release

April 18, 2014   Illinois prison inmates will now be able to get a new and effective — but incredibly costly — drug for hepatitis C. The Herald-Review reported on Friday that the state Department of Corrections has approved the use of Sovaldi for hepatitis C. The medication has a cure rate of 95 percent. […]

[Kaiser Health News] Biggest Insurer Shocked With Hepatitis C Costs

04-18-2014 Press Release

By Jay Hancock April 18, 2014   UnitedHealth Group spent $100 million on hepatitis C drugs in the first three months of the year, much more than expected, the company said Thursday. The news helped drive down the biggest insurance company’s stock and underscores the challenge for all health care payers in covering Sovaldi, an […]

[Reuters] UnitedHealth: New hepatitis C drug costs far more than forecast

04-17-2014 Press Release

By Caroline Humer April 17, 2014   UnitedHealth Group Inc, the largest U.S. health insurer, said it spent more than $100 million to cover a pricey new hepatitis C drug from Gilead Sciences Inc in its first three months on the market, an amount that was “multiple” times what it had expected. UnitedHealth is the […]

[San Francisco Chronicle] Cost of highly effective hepatitis drug spurs revolt

04-12-2014 Press Release

By Stephanie M. Lee Apr. 12, 2014   The nation may have finally met a drug it cannot afford. Sovaldi is a long-awaited breakthrough for the 3 million Americans suffering from the hepatitis C virus. And at $1,000 a daily pill, or $84,000 over 12 weeks of treatment, the medication could generate as much as […]

[Vox Media] How does one pill cost $1,000?

04-11-2014 Press Release

By German Lopez Apr. 11, 2014   Once again, US drug prices are coming under the scrutiny of industry and consumer groups. The April 9 release of a trove of Medicare data showed some doctors charging millions to the public health-care program. Doctors claimed these charges largely covered the cost of expensive drugs administered to patients — costs Medicare […]

[Wall Street Journal] ‘Unsustainable for Our Country’: Express Scripts Calls Out Pricey Meds

04-8-2014 Press Release

By Ed Silverman April 8, 2014   Each year, Express Scripts, the largest pharmacy benefits manager in the U.S., ceremoniously releases a spending forecast for prescription drugs. Typically, the reports are confined to numbers, charts and crystal ball gazing. This year’s edition, however, is notable for vehement criticism of the price of the new Sovaldi […]

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