[Associated Press] Medical Groups Question Price Of New Hep C Drug

03-11-2014 Press Release

By Matthew Perrone March 11, 2014   An innovative hepatitis C drug that was only recently hailed as a breakthrough treatment is facing skepticism from some health care providers, as they consider whether it is worth the $1,000-a-pill price set by manufacturer Gilead Sciences Inc. A panel of California medical experts voted Monday that Gilead’s […]

[LA Times] Prices of new hepatitis C drugs are tough to swallow for insurers

03-9-2014 Press Release

By Chad Terhune and Eryn Brown March 9, 2014   A pair of new drugs to treat hepatitis C offer a cure for millions of Americans afflicted with the disease — but at a potentially staggering cost to taxpayers and health plans. Until now, therapies for hepatitis C helped only about half of patients and […]

[USA Today] Could new hepatitis C drugs bust state budgets?

03-3-2014 Press Release

By Michael Ollove March 3, 2014   Two new medications to treat the deadly epidemic of hepatitis C promise millions of Americans a better chance of a cure, shorter periods of treatment and fewer side effects than older drugs. They also threaten to bust state budgets and raise private insurance rates. The new hepatitis C […]

[Washinton Post] Costly hepatitis drug Sovaldi rattles industry

03-1-2014 Press Release

By Sandhya Somashekhar March 1, 2014   When the Food and Drug Administration approved a medication called Sovaldi in December, it was hailed as a breakthrough in the fight against hepatitis C, a blood-borne disease that affects 3.2 million Americans and kills more people in the U.S. annually than AIDS. Then California-based Gilead Sciences, the […]

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