[The New York Times] $1,000 Hepatitis Pill Shows Why Fixing Health Costs Is So Hard

08-2-2014 Media

A new drug for the liver disease hepatitis C is scaring people. Not because the drug is dangerous — it’s generally heralded as a genuine medical breakthrough — but because it costs $1,000 a pill and about $84,000 for a typical person’s total treatment.

[SFGate] Gilead hepatitis C pill reaches $3.48 billion in quarterly sales

07-23-2014 Media

“The fundamental concern is Sovaldi and other speciality drugs are going to put an unsustainable burden on the health insurance system,” said John Rother, CEO of the National Coalition on Health Care, which lobbies for health-system reform. In a poll it conducted this month of 2,000 people, nearly 60 percent said they were concerned about […]

[SFGate] Costly hepatitis C drugs could add $300 to every American’s yearly premium, CVS says

07-21-2014 Media

Gilead Sciences’ new hepatitis C drug receives as much praise for its healing powers as it receives criticism of its price, $84,000 for 12 weeks. Those parallel storylines played out even further in a prominent scientific journal’s latest edition, published online over the weekend.

[Market Watch] CVS officials say Sovaldi pricing in line with history, but unsustainable

07-20-2014 Media

Gilead Sciences’ controversial $1,000-a-day Sovaldi pill is priced in line with previous treatments for Hepatitis C, but the nation’s health-care system likely won’t be able to handle that kind of sticker shock, and competition probably will bring down that price tag in coming months and years.

[The New York Times] $300,000 Drug

07-18-2014 Media

There is one other way that Kalydeco is an excellent example of personalized medicine: its cost. It’s more than $300,000 a year. Because patients will likely be taking the drug for the rest of their lives, it could cost millions of dollars to keep just one patient on Kalydeco. That raises another important question about […]

[SF Business Times ] Three takeaways from Gilead’s Hepatitis C challenge

07-18-2014 Media

1. It’s all about price — even when it’s not: Even before Foster City-based Gilead Sciences Inc., led by CEO John Martin, launched its hepatitis C drug Sovaldi for $1,000 a pill, critics pounced.

[WSJ] Will Gilead’s Hepatitis C Drug Bust State Budgets?

07-17-2014 Media

Will the cost of new hepatitis C treatments bust state budgets? A new analysis suggests many states may, in fact, be overwhelmed as they attempt to pay for the Solvaldi medication sold by Gilead Sciences  GILD -0.41%, which costs $84,000 for each patient, and several forthcoming treatments that may be priced at a similar level.

[USA Today] Why $1,000 a pill? Our view

07-17-2014 Media

In the good-news/bad-news world of blockbuster drugs, the latest is the launch of Sovaldi, a drug to treat hepatitis C. Sovaldi comes with a cure rate as high as 90% for a disease that afflicts 3 million people in the United States, and with fewer complications than previous treatments. But it also comes with a […]

[The Washington Post] How do you pay for a drug that costs $84,000?

07-15-2014 Media

“As longtime health-care advocate John Rother sees it, the Sovaldi issue is a turning point for the health-care system, making it confront the biggest questions: how we pay for drugs, how public health prioritizes treatments, how insurance is designed to make these drugs affordable for patients, and, ultimately, our societal obligation to ensure access to […]

[The Hill] Poll: 4 in 5 say $1,000-a-pill drug cost ‘unacceptable’

07-15-2014 Media

Eighty-two percent in a new poll say the cost of a $1,000-a-pill medicine which has sparked congressional scrutiny is “unacceptable” and expressed concerns the specialty drug could harm innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.

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