Campaign Continues to Grow with Additional Physician Voices

11-3-2016 Blog PostsPress Release

“The addition of the well-respected Society of General Internal Medicine is crucial as CSRxP continues to build a broad partnership of leaders from every corner of healthcare that are dedicated to fixing the broken prescription drug market,” said CSRxP Executive Director John Rother.

Improving the Prescription Drug Market through Transparency, Competition, and Value

08-3-2016 Blog PostsMediaPress Release

“Patients with chronic conditions, such as Hepatitis C, benefit immensely when breakthrough, life-changing drugs provide a cure where none existed before. But when states are driven to create access limitations to that same drug for their Medicaid populations, we have to acknowledge something is not quite right here.”

CSRxP Statement on Launch of AstraZeneca’s Crestor

07-21-2016 Blog PostsPress Release

“We are glad to see that the court rejected AstraZeneca’s effort to abuse the Orphan Drug Act and restrict generic competitors to Crestor,” said John Rother. “Additional competition in the prescription drug market—including generic options—is crucial to lowering prescription drug prices and providing patients with more affordable choices.”

Campaign Discusses Market-Based Solutions to Drug Pricing on Capitol Hill

07-14-2016 Blog PostsMediaPress Release

Members of the Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing (CSRxP) gathered on Capitol Hill to discuss market-based policy solutions to curb rising drug prices.

Campaign Launches Nationwide Effort to Highlight Voter Concerns Over Rising Prescription Drug Prices

07-11-2016 Blog PostsPress Release

“Voters across the country are calling for action by their elected officials to make sure patients and families don’t have to choose between filling a prescription and putting food on the table,” said CSRxP Executive Director John Rother. “The trend of rising drug prices needs to be addressed, and we expect voters will take that message – and a call for solutions – to candidates at all levels this fall.”

Drug Companies Protecting Their Monopoly To Keep Prices High

07-11-2016 Blog PostsMediaPress Release

Our new board game illustrates how pharmaceutical companies have a monopoly on the current pricing system and the different ways they keep prices high.

CSRxP Statement on the Costly New Abuse-Deterrent Drug Provision

07-8-2016 Blog PostsMediaPress Release

“With this provision, policymakers are rewriting the rules to benefit pharmaceutical manufacturers for slightly tweaking their product and reintroducing it as a new ‘innovation,’” CSRxP Executive Director John Rother said.

Market-Based Solutions to Address Soaring Drug Prices

07-8-2016 Blog PostsPress Release

Join the Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing on Capitol Hill for a discussion about market-based policy solutions to curb rising drug prices.

CSRxP Statement on AstraZeneca seeking “Orphan Drug” designation for widely-used cholesterol drug Crestor

06-30-2016 Blog PostsPress Release

“Abusing rules and regulations to keep competitors out of the market is common in the prescription drug industry, but AstraZeneca’s latest undertaking is especially egregious.”

CSRxP Statement on New Data Showing Best-Selling Drug Prices Rising at Twice the Rate of Inflation

06-30-2016 Blog PostsPress Release

“When the sticker price for 30 out of 39 of the most sold drugs goes up by more than double the rate of inflation, consumers are left holding the bag. These price increases year after year compound the problem and the whole scheme is unsustainable.”

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