ICYMI: “Prescription drug prices climb into the stratosphere”

05-20-2015 Blog PostsPress Release

May 20, 2015 “Prescription drug prices climb into the stratosphere” by Trudy Lieberman, Rural Health News Service Note: Article originally printed in Sterling Journal-Advocate.  There’s no getting around it. Americans are using more medications and spending more for them. The latest evidence just came from Express Scripts, the pharmacy benefit manager, which acts as a middleman […]

ICYMI: New study answers the age old question, “Does R&D really justify high drug costs?” (Spoiler alert: the answer is no.)

05-15-2015 Blog PostsPress Release

ICYMI – May 15, 2015 ***** The New England Journal of Medicine: “The $2.6 Billion Pill — Methodologic and Policy Considerations” “Of course, it is extremely expensive and risky to develop a new medication…but as risky as drug development is, the pharmaceutical and biotech industries remain among the most profitable sectors of the U.S. economy and actually […]

ICYMI: In anticipation of today’s Cures markup, E&C releases an updated draft while Pew launches a new Rx initiative

05-14-2015 Blog PostsPress Release

May 14, 2015 The House Energy and Commerce Committee released an updated draft of the 21st Century Cures bill last night in a last minute effort to address concerns over drug exclusivity, interoperability and tele health before today’s markup. However, many organizations are still concerned about Congress’ lack of legislation to address high drug costs. Pew Charitable Trusts […]

ICYMI: FDA Advisory Panel Approves New Cystic-Fibrosis Drug while Americans Continue to Pay the Price of High Cost Drugs

05-13-2015 Blog PostsPress Release

May 13, 2015 The New York Times: “Cystic Fibrosis Drug Wins Approval of F.D.A. Advisory Panel” “If the drug is approved, Vertex could still face challenges getting insurers to pay for it, given the somewhat questionable efficacy. Kalydeco costs more than $300,000 a year, although Orkambi is expected to be a little less expensive, because it […]

ICYMI: “As E&C Prepares Cures Bill Markup, Negative Press On Drug Prices On The Increase”

05-12-2015 Blog PostsPress Release

May 12, 2015 InsideHealthPolicy.com Health Reform Insider: “As E&C Prepares Cures Bill Markup, Negative Press On Drug Prices On The Increase”  Note: subscription required to view full article on InsideHealthPolicy.com “The House Energy & Commerce Committee will begin marking up 21st Century Cures legislation Thursday (April 14), but those paying for drugs worry that speeding drug and […]

ICYMI: Vertex’s Cystic-Fibrosis Drug Could Come at a Cost

05-11-2015 Blog PostsPress Release

May 11, 2015 The Wall Street Journal: “Vertex’s Cystic-Fibrosis Drug Faces Big Test” The FDA meeting, to be held in Gaithersburg, Md., will be closely watched by health insurers and pharmacy-benefit managers who are concerned that Orkambi will be the latest high-priced blockbuster to strain their budgets. Vertex hasn’t announced a price yet, but J.P. Morgan […]

Weekly Update – How much is too much?

05-8-2015 Blog PostsNewsletterPress Release

Weekly Update – 5/8/2015 We learned this week that worldwide spending on cancer medicines reached $100 billion in 2014, an increase of 10.3 percent from 2013. And let’s not forget about last week’s multiple sclerosis study noting that there has been an “alarming rise” in the cost of these drugs, coming in between $50,000 and […]

ICYMI: Should the Specialty Drug Cost Debate Take a Breath? Data Proves Otherwise.

05-7-2015 Blog PostsPress Release

ICYMI: May 7, 2015 PharmaExec.com: “Take a Breath” on the Specialty Drug Pricing Issue…? “…for anyone who thinks the players involved in this specialty drug pricing confrontation will actually “take a breath” and voluntarily work towards better access and lower prices, I am sorry. You’re not being realistic. Here’s the truth: As long as we have […]

ICYMI: Washington’s Role in High Drug Costs — Marketing Exclusivity and “Shadow Pricing”

05-6-2015 Blog PostsPress Release

ICYMI: May 6, 2015 National Journal: Washington’s Interest in Precision Drugs is Innovation, Not Cost “There are so many people now concerned about [high drug costs], and the perception is that prices are completely out of control,” said John Rother, president and CEO of the National Coalition on Health Care. “The sheer volume of new drug […]

ICYMI – Where’s Robert Stack When You Need Him?

05-5-2015 Blog PostsPress Release

ICYMI May 5, 2015  The New York Times: Runaway Drug Prices How companies set prices of specialty drugs for these and other complex diseases, like cancer and AIDS, has been a mystery to the patients who need them.” “The drug and biotech companies contend that high prices are justified to cover the large costs of bringing […]

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