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Skyrocketing specialty drug cost hurts wallets

The rising cost of specialty drugs to treat complex, chronic or life-threatening conditions has the potential to break the pocket books of businesses, consumers, insurance companies and the state, according to Milam Ford of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana.

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ICYMI – Where’s Robert Stack When You Need Him?

ICYMI May 5, 2015  The New York Times: Runaway Drug Prices How companies set prices of specialty drugs for these and other complex diseases, like cancer and […]

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ICYMI: High Drug Costs Impact Wall Street and Spark a New Initiative in the White House

April 28, 2015 Note: Distributing the New York Times article below is not an endorsement for President Obama’s proposed initiative.  New York Times: Obama Proposes That Medicare Be […]

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ICYMI: National Journal article features CSRxP’s White Paper

This morning, the National Journal published an article regarding an increase in public concern over the high cost of prescription drugs. The article references CSRxP’s white paper, “Specialty Drug Hyperinflation: The Risk to Patients and the Health Care System.”

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