LTE: Prescription drugs more and more costly

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     August 6, 2016

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Prescription drugs more and more costly
August 6, 2016
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Millions of seniors on Medicare, like myself, count on prescription drugs to remain healthy and safe.

However, access to those drugs has become difficult as the costs of prescriptions increase.

This has put a great amount of stress on those with limited budgets. I’ve felt first-hand the effects of the rising costs of prescription drugs. I’ve been forced to pay more and more for the prescriptions I need to stay healthy.

This hasn’t just been frustrating; it’s had a tangible effect on my bottom line.

As I continue to use my retirement savings, I worry just how much of it is increasingly going toward medication.

I urge our legislators to consider options to address and fix this issue, like providing patients with information about which lower-priced options work just as well as the more expensive prescriptions.

I hope North Carolina’s members of Congress will encourage legislation that will bring patients more choices that will keep them healthy and fit into their budgets.

Allie Brame